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Taqueria Milagro

Welcome to Taqueria Milagro we are a restaurant that focuses on capturing the heart of Mexico. Our goal is for you to enjoy the best of Mexican cuisine and culture.

Taqueria Milagro

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Meat of Choice

Asada / Grilled-Steak

Carne asada is a dish of grilled and sliced beef, usually skirt steak, sirloin steak, tenderloin steak, or rib steak. It is usually cooked with a marinade and some searing to impart a charred flavor.

Carne Molida / Ground Beef

Ground beef, minced beef or beef mince is beef that has been finely chopped with a knife or a meat grinder or mincing machine.

Pollo Asado / Grilled Chicken

Roast chicken is chicken prepared as food by roasting whether in a home kitchen, over a fire, or with a rotisserie

Pollo Desebrado / Shredded-Chicken

Shredded Chicken Made with 100% chicken breast, our traditional Pollo Deshebrado follows our family recipe. Fully cooked in its own juices and lightly seasoned with a traditional blend of spices. A convenient, ready-in- minutes, authentic meal.

Al Pastor / Marinated-Pork

Al pastor, also known as tacos al pastor, is a taco made with spit-grilled pork. Based on the lamb shawarma brought by Lebanese immigrants from Mexico, al pastor features a flavor palate that combines traditional Middle Eastern spices with those indigenous to central Mexico

Carnitas/ Shredded-Pork

Carnitas, literally meaning "little meats", is a dish of Mexican cuisine that originated in the state of Michoacán. Carnitas are made by braising or simmering pork in oil or preferably lard until tender.

Chorizo / Pork-Sausage

Chorizo or chouriço is a type of pork sausage. In Europe, chorizo is a fermented, cured, smoked sausage, which may be sliced and eaten without cooking, or added as an ingredient to add flavor to other dishes.

Lengua / Beef-Tongue

Beef tongue is a cut of beef used made of the tongue of a cow. It can be boiled, pickled, roasted or braised in sauce. It is found in many national cuisines, used for taco fillings in Mexico, and for open-faced sandwiches in the United States.

Pescado / Fish

Fried fish is any fish or shellfish that has been prepared by frying. Often, the fish is covered in batter, egg and breadcrumbs, flour, or herbs and spices before being fried and served, often with a slice of lemon. Fish is fried in many parts of the world, and fried fish is an important food in many cuisines.

Camaron / Shrimp

All our shrimp is prepared fresh and marinated in order to have the best flavor.

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Happy hour is from 3:00PM - 5:00PM SPECIAL DRINKS 25% OFF DURING HAPPY HOUR

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we currently have outside dining available come and join us

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